About Us

Welcome to Omnis Construction, a modern day construction company with a passion for professionalism

Omnis Construction Ltd is a Norwich based construction company operating as Principal Main Contractor across Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and beyond. We specialise in interior and exterior renovations and remodelling, new build commercial and industrial schemes.


Our work has included electrical sub-stations to high bay industrial units, showrooms to offices, utilising all aspects of contemporary and traditional construction techniques. Take a look at some of our projects here.

We base our business on quality, building strong relationships and the ability to add value.

Design Input

Where applicable, Omnis and their design partners actively involve themselves with design issues at an early stage to assist in the development of projects and provide opportunity for ‘real’ value engineering potential to be realised and achieved.


As a company, we can offer a perspective from the point of view of “buildability”, programming and co-ordination of special subcontractors who should also be invited to play their part in the design process.

Our Approach

We aim to provide and deliver a flexible approach to construction. Encompassing the varied needs of both client and projects alike from inception to realisation. We seek innovation at every opportunity and collaboratively work in partnership to achieve success.


We focus on early involvement to optimise real value, reducing risk, and pro-actively look to foster and develop a positive culture to enable and ensure professional delivery at all levels and all stages of the project. This makes working in partnership with Omnis the ideal solution to even the most complicated project. Clients seem to agree, read our testimonials page here.

What we do

Our experience has shown that the integration of a team able to learn from continuous experience and develop a culture of continuous improvement is often the difference between success and failure. We are committed to fostering that culture.


We continually assess the environmental and social impact of all operations and investment decisions. This is not just about meeting people’s needs and aspirations in new ways; it is also about meeting them in ways that are acceptable to society.


At Omnis, we have a responsibility to our employees, suppliers and the public at large to assess the impact of our business, whatever and wherever it may be. It is Omnis’ intent not just to be profitable, but also to act and be seen to act in a socially and environmentally responsible way.